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All KANE food grade storage warehouses are designed to store and manage product in the regulated food logistics sector.

KANE capabilities in food logistics 

  • Manufacturing logistics -- management of raw materials inventory to support factory requirements
  • Temperature- and humidity-controlled storage and transport
  • FDA-compliant, food grade storage
  • Superior ratings for cleanliness from the American Institute of Baking
  • Advanced systems to monitor the aging process and manage recalls
  • Value-added food warehousing services, such as contract packaging services, to postpone final product configuration
  • Load consolidation services that cut freight costs by combining your LTL freight with other KANE customers to ship at lower-cost TL rates

Case Studies

Sun-Maid and KANE partner on freight consolidation program

Sun-Maid® needed to reduce its LTL costs and sought a 3PL partner on the east coast with a strong freight consolidation program.  KANE took over Northeast and Mid-Atlantic distribution of Sun-Maid’s premium-quality raisins and dried fruits, combining Sun-Maid freight with other customer’s products to create lower-cost full truckload shipments.  As a result, Sun-Maid reduced its CWT for outbound freight by 62% compared with non-consolidated shipments.

Pepsico and KANE partner for northeast distribution

PepsiCo needed a logistics partner in the Northeast that could support rapid growth of its Quaker Oats®, Tropicana® and Gatorade® brands.  The company turned to Kane Is Able, which distributed PepsiCo product out of three facilities in Northeast Pennsylvania totaling 1.1 million square feet.  Facilities operated 24/7.  Value added services included 45,000 square feet of cooler room storage and an extensive packaging operation.  KANE staff created variety packs for club stores and shrink-wrapped cases using advanced packaging equipment.

Kraft foods & KANE partner for efficient distribution of cookie products

With brands like Oreo® and Ritz®, Kraft Foods is the world’s second largest food manufacturer and a global leader in branded foods and beverages.  For the Eastern U.S., Kraft sought an economical solution to receive and store product from multiple manufacturing sites to feed its distribution network.  KANE was able to co-locate Kraft product with another KANE food industry customer in an ideal location for east region distribution.  With shared overhead costs, this high-volume, high-turn 300,000-square-foot operation provides Kraft with a critical, cost-efficient link in its distribution strategy.

Wellpet seeks premium distribution service for it's premium pet food

WellPet markets premium pet food products. When the company struggled with inventory control and on-time shipping challenges, it sought a distribution partner for the Eastern U.S. that could provide a higher level of service, while offering an advanced warehouse management system and full visibility to product via the web.  KANE stepped up and now operates the business from 100,000 square feet of temperature-controlled DC space in a facility shared by other KANE clients.  By giving WellPet a variable-cost solution for space and labor, and assuming some custom packaging requirements in the warehouse, KANE was able to significantly reduce the company’s logistics costs while improving service.

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