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LTL Secrets Revealed! How Pool Distribution and Retail Consolidation Can Lower the High Cost of LTL Freight

LTL carriers are more expensive, ship schedules are less predictable, and sometimes it’s hard to make sense of the bills.  But for smaller shippers who lack the volume to fill a full truckload, LTL is the only game in town, right?

Not so fast.

Small and mid-market companies can avoid the drawbacks of LTL by calling upon the matchmaking capabilities of third party logistics providers.  Using pool distribution and retail consolidation strategies, 3PLs can create full truckloads stuffed with freight from multiple companies shipping to the same place.  This quick read white paper explores some unflattering secrets of LTL freight and reviews how pool distribution and retail consolidation can dramatically reduce your freight costs, while boosting your green cred.


LTL Secrets Revealed

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