Warehouse Management

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KANE’s warehouse management system (WMS) is Logimax/RF, a radio frequency enabled system that maximizes accuracy and labor efficiency for 3rd party logistics companies.  Most KANE customers take advantage of this customizable WMS.  However, others prefer that we operate using their system.  As a result, we have experience with a range of warehouse management systems, including Red Prairie and Manhattan.

WMS features

  • Supports all basic warehouse functions, including receiving, putaway, location management, cycle counts, inventory, selection and shipping
  • Manages inventory by SKU and lot #
  • Supports advanced ship notices (ASNs) and internet transactions
  • Enables web visibility and downloading of inventory reports
  • Enables rapid implementation and supports even the most unusual requirements without custom programming
  • Support for fulfillment warehousing and vendor compliance

WMS benefits

  • Achieve inventory accuracy levels up to 100%
  • Optimize warehouse space utilization
  • Automatically recognize item velocity, seasonality, stackability and other criteria
  • Improve employee productivity using built-in advanced task logic
  • Seamlessly integrate with any ERP, TMS, EDI or other software systems

Systems support for packaging services

To support packaging applications, KANE uses Logimax / ATO.  This product interfaces to Logimax and supports the management of all components through a BOL system.

  • As products are produced, they are returned (and received) back into finished goods inventory and become immediately available to fulfill orders
  • There is history and audit trail of all transactions required to support production (e.g. product moved from WIP to production and then returned as appropriate)
  • KANE provides visibility to inventory during the packaging cycle