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Atlanta Warehouse

KANE Offers Atlanta Warehousing Solution for Southeast Distribution

Need an Atlanta warehousing solution for product distribution into the Southeast? KANE can help with 450,000 square feet of climate controlled, food grade space.

Advantages of an Atlanta Logistics Hub

Atlanta’s central location in the Southeast makes it a perfect hub for Southeast distribution. Distances from Atlanta to other Southeast cities (in miles):

Birmingham, AL 152
Nashville, TN 786
Charleston, SC 325
New Orleans, LA 477
Miami, FL 668
Little Rock, AK 525

Other advantages of distributing from an Atlanta warehouse include:

  • Two major cross country interstates in I-95 and I-75 and four additional interstates connecting Georgia to 15 states
  • Strong and available labor pool
  • Largest airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson), with direct cargo service to China
  • UPS is building one of the logistics giant's biggest hubs in the world (other large-scale shipping facilities are in Louisville, KY and Ontario, CA)
  • Atlanta’s Supply Chain Leadership Council is an active group that has pledged to establish Atlanta as a premier global hub for supply chain management

Key Features of KANE’s Atlanta Warehousing Solution

KANE’s Atlanta distribution center features:

  • Variable cost pricing to accommodate seasonal volume shifts
  • Temperature-controlled, food grade facility with superior ratings from the AIB International (formerly the American Institute of Baking).
  • Manhattan Associates WMS and Lean Logistics TMS
  • Local transportation assets to provide an integrated solution for storage and delivery
  • Direct rail access via CSX to enable lower-cost, lower-carbon intermodal freight service
  • LTL consolidation services
  • Easy on/off highway access
To learn more about KANE’s Atlanta warehousing solution for Southeast product distribution complete the form on this page.