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Dispatches From the Road: Don Brobst

Posted by Kane Is Able on May 10, 2018

In our new “Dispatches From the Road” feature, the KANE blog will periodically publish interviews with our drivers – the men and women who live and breathe the transportation topics we often write about.  In our first segment, we interview KANE driver Don Brobst. 

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Topics: Truck Drivers

Barriers to Working with Freight Consolidation Services Companies

Posted by Larry Catanzaro on April 26, 2018

Here at KANE, we are big proponents of freight consolidation. So big that, when we thought of writing about possible barriers to consolidation in this week’s blog, we were worried that it might be too quick a read: “There are no barriers to working with freight consolidation services companies. Thank you for reading.” 

All kidding aside, we can think of a few companies for whom freight consolidation might not be a good fit. Read on to see if you’re one of them. 

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Topics: Collaborative Distribution, 3PL Outsourcing, Freight Transportation

What You Need to Know About Freight Consolidation Services

Posted by Larry Catanzaro on April 19, 2018

When your product is ready to hit the road for delivery but your freight volume can’t justify the cost of a full truckload, what do you do? For many shippers, it comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils: ship via costly less-than-truckload (LTL) or wait to build a full truckload and risk missing retailer requested arrival dates (RAD). However, there is a third option: freight consolidation services (or “load consolidation services”) with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, where your load “shares the ride” with others like yours. 

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The Role of the TMS in 3PL Transportation Services

Posted by Mark Stevens on April 12, 2018

If you’ve talked to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) in recent years, chances are you’ve heard it tout its transportation management system. There is good reason for all this talk. TMS systems are truly game changers that can lead to a much more efficient transportation operation and save you a substantial amount of money in the process. 

Too often, however, shippers are wowed by the concept of a TMS without really understanding the features that lead to these efficiencies and cost savings. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these features and the impacts they have on 3PL transportation services.

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Still debating Asset vs Non-Asset-Based 3PL? Meet the Hybrid 3PL

Posted by Alex Stark on March 29, 2018

Play golf? Let’s say you’re in a fairway, about 180 yards from the green. You reach in your bag and then pause with uncertainty; do you want the loft and precision of an iron or the straight-ahead power of your fairway wood? 

It’s a tough decision – until you remember the hybrid club you got for your birthday. Your give it a smooth swing and watch as power and precision combine to place your ball about 5 feet from the pin. 

The same approach can work for managing your logistics operations. As 3PLs continue to grow and evolve, you no longer must pledge your allegiance to either an asset- or non-asset-based 3PL. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a 3PL that does both – a “hybrid 3PL.” 

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14 Strategies to reduce freight costs

Posted by Alex Stark on March 27, 2018

Shippers often work under the assumption that the way they ship freight (and the associated costs) are pretty much fixed and can’t change.  But just because “it’s always been done this way” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge the status quo. At Kane Is Able, we’ve identified a ton of ways to reduce freight costs, with changes you can begin implementing today.

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Inland Empire Logistics: 2018 Outlook

Posted by Alex Stark on March 15, 2018

As the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to experience record-setting growth, the entire Southern California logistics industry is in full “boom” mode. And, it’s not just Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are benefiting. The Inland Empire logistics industry has the room for growth that these counties do not and is poised to continue setting records of its own. 

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, 3PL Outsourcing, Fulfillment Warehouse

Get to Know the Regional Trucking Companies in Your Key Markets

Posted by Alex Stark on March 08, 2018

If your business has geographic markets with high concentrations of customers, it may make sense to get closer to regional carriers in these markets. Carriers and 3PLs who specialize in regional transportation are uniquely equipped to support your supply chain in the areas of the country most important to your business. 

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