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Realizing Supply Chain Cost Reduction Through Collaboration

Posted by Colleen Carter on October 20, 2013

Every day across America, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) products make their way to the warehouses of the country's largest retailers. Different products all going to the same locations, but each following its own line of supply and, in the process, blocking up our roads, polluting the planet, and driving up logistics costs.

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Freight Transportation

Study Identifies Future Hot Buttons for CPG Supply Chain

Posted by Colleen Carter on July 10, 2013

Study Identifies Future Hot Buttons for CPG Supply Chain

A recent Auburn University survey of 110 CPG logistics executives asked about hot button issues for the future in the CPG supply chain. They identified several:

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Topics: Consumer Goods Logistics, KANE Company

New KANE eBook Reveals LTL Alternatives

Posted by Colleen Carter on June 26, 2013

For smaller shippers, there ARE alternatives to the higher cost and unpredictable schedules of LTL carriers.  A new KANE white paper, LTL Secrets Revealed, explores some of these freight consolidation strategies, including pool distribution and retail consolidation. 

The paper also shares some secrets that LTL carriers DON'T want you to know.   Here are a few:

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Topics: Freight Transportation

How to Make the e-Commerce Supply Chain More Efficient

Posted by Colleen Carter on February 06, 2013

With U.S. e-Commerce sales as a percent of total retail sales growing at a whopping 17% pace annually (U.S. Census), manufacturers are scrambling to design their e-Commerce supply chains to be optimally efficient.  For many, the e-Commerce channel is not profitable.  The right fulfillment model is a key to reversing this flow of red ink.     

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Ecommerce Fulfillment

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