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What Logistics Managers Can Learn From Football Coaches

Posted by Ed Shoemaker on December 19, 2013

As an avid sports fan, I know that many football coaches script the first 10 to 15 plays of the game.  They have a game plan based on hours upon hours of preparation, practice and film sessions.  However, how they adjust and change the script is more important than the first 10 plays.  Many coaches make their name and win games based on halftime adjustments. 

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, CPG Logistics

The Importance of Vacations

Posted by Ed Shoemaker on August 28, 2013

Some recent discussions about company vacation policy prompted this question from an associate:  "How will this impact people who don't take their vacation or hold it over to the next year?"

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Topics: KANE Company Culture

Big Hairy Audacious Supply Chain Goals

Posted by Ed Shoemaker on May 22, 2013

Big Hairy Audacious Supply Chain Goals

I participate in many strategy sessions at KANE.  One common theme in the meetings is how can we differentiate ourselves?  What can we do to set our solutions apart from our competitors?  These "open space" exercises are often used to flesh out ideas and new thoughts.

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges

Skinning Cats & Hat Racks

Posted by Ed Shoemaker on January 30, 2013

I often reflect on growing up thinking about how my dad helped mold me into the person I am today.  I fondly remember him saying many times… "There is more than one way to skin a cat."  One of his other favorite sayings was "C'mon, Ed, use your head for more than a hat rack." 

My dad is a wise man; and his advice to me as a child still guides my actions today.  

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Topics: Logistics Innovation, KANE Company Culture