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Logistics KPIs: Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

Posted by Richard Reilly on August 07, 2019

As third party logistics (3PL) distribution center professionals, we all have logistics KPIs (key performance indicators) that are either directed by our customer or are an internal measure of success.  The goal: to keep our KPIs operating in the green.  However, there are two KPIs that I have seen consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers attempt to manipulate, and I struggle to understand the logic. 

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Topics: Warehouse Operations, Logistics KPIs

Want Better Inventory Accuracy? Hire for Performance

Posted by Richard Reilly on January 24, 2014

You've heard of pay for performance, where workers are incented for higher than standard productivity?  At KANE, we have had good results by hiring for performance.  Let me explain…  

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Topics: Warehouse Operations

Warehousing Operations Leadership: The Marine Corps Way

Posted by Richard Reilly on April 03, 2013

As a candidate attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Marine Corps Base Quantico, I learned what it meant to be a leader with the help of the Six Troop-Leading Steps, commonly referred to as BAMCIS.  My Sergeant Instructors (Drill Instructors are only at enlisted boot camps at Parris Island and San Diego) were diligent in ensuring that their future leaders understood and lived the Six Troop-Leading Steps.  These steps certainly apply to warehouse operations leadership. 

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Topics: Logistics Leadership