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Warehouse Labor: The 'Real' Cost of Warehouse Worker Turnover

Posted by Veronica Donchez on May 21, 2019

$7,000 dollars to replace a warehouse worker.

Sound like a lot? Well, that could be the low end. 

Calculating the traceable costs, the cost of warehouse worker turnover can reach 25% of salary. Using an average salary for warehouse workers of $28,000.00 (according to Salary.com), $7,000 is about where you end up. But some experts calculate the real costs, when you factor in lost productivity and other indirect impacts, at 150% of salary. Either way, turnover in the warehouse can be a major drain on profits.

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The ‘Real’ Cost of a Warehouse Associate

Posted by Veronica Donchez on April 23, 2019

Other than inventory, labor is your biggest warehousing expense.  And that warehouse labor… well, it's costing you a lot more than you may think. 

According to salary.com, the average warehouse associate's salary is about $28,000.  But many related expenses combine to make the total cost to your company for that full time employee much higher.  Let's take a look at these additional warehouse labor expenses.

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