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KANE Distribution Centers Achieve WERC Warehouse Certification

Published by Beth Gurdock on December 29, 2010

Kane Is Able is proud to announce that Distribution Centers 5 & 6 have been awarded the distinction of being named a WERC Certified Facility.

To earn this distinction, the WERC program provides an industry-standard grading methodology that includes facility inspection and process assessment by an independent third party. The program is voluntary and certifies an individual warehouse facility's capabilities and its ability to perform core warehousing functions.

"We're very proud that both warehouses can identify themselves as WERC Certified Facilities," said Dick Kane, President of Kane Is Able. "This designation underscores our commitment to utilizing best practices in our DCs and honors the dedication of our Associates at both facilities."

WERC CEO Michael Mikitka and Supply Chain Visions founder Kate Vitasek recently discussed the program's origins and benefits with DC Velocity.

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