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A Cross Dock Facility Can Cut Distribution Costs by 50%

Posted by Alex Stark on May 18, 2017

Here at KANE, we love warehousing. It’s a critical component of supply chains and we take great pride in the sophisticated application of technology to efficiently store products and get them to market.

But sometimes it’s best to keep products moving.

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Cross Docking Solutions for Retailers

Posted by Alex Stark on February 12, 2015

Cross docking is a proven supply chain management strategy that minimizes storage and material handling from manufacturing to store shelf.  

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Topics: Cross Docking Solutions

Warehouse Change: How We Got Roger’s Buy-In

Posted by Curtis Weaver on July 25, 2013

Several years ago while at a logistics industry conference, I attended a talk by an industrial engineer.  The subject: adapting to changing work practices in the warehouse.    

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