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KANE is Aggressively Expanding Space Within its Nationwide Shared Warehouse Network

Posted by Kane Is Able on October 04, 2018

KANE Is Able recently expanded its shared distribution network in three key markets to support customer growth and new business expansion. In total, KANE added 630,000 sq. ft. of additional space in Allentown, PA, Atlanta, GA and California’s Inland Empire.

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Inland Empire Logistics: 2018 Outlook

Posted by Alex Stark on March 15, 2018

As the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to experience record-setting growth, the entire Southern California logistics industry is in full “boom” mode. And, it’s not just Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are benefiting. The Inland Empire logistics industry has the room for growth that these counties do not and is poised to continue setting records of its own. 

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Need to Define Your Supply Chain Strategy? Ask a Six-Year-Old

Posted by Alex Stark on February 08, 2018

My six-year-old daughter had accumulated a couple of Toys-R-Us gift cards. We found them by accident one day while cleaning out her room (but that’s another story).

Anyway, we jumped online and ordered the equivalent of $50 in merchandise, which was to arrive between 5-7 business days.  I quickly moved on to other things.

My daughter did not.

The next day, when I got home from work, she said “Daddy, my games didn’t come. Why?”

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5 Tips for Efficient Omni-Channel Distribution

Posted by Alex Stark on September 10, 2015

As the percent of online sale grows and as the line between web and traditional retail store fulfillment blurs, e-tailers and brands need to assess their fulfillment capabilities and those of their 3PL warehousing partners. Efficient omni-channel distribution will be a requirement, not a nice-to-have, in the very near future.  Watch this video to see how KANE handles fulfillment for companies with multiple sales channels.

To make sure you are choosing the right distribution partner, here are 5 tips to consider.

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Video on eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Posted by Alex Stark on August 04, 2015

Looking for eCommerce fulfillment services?

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Mistakes that Impact eCommerce Fulfillment Costs

Posted by Alex Stark on April 09, 2015

In our last blog post, we looked at common operational mistakes that retailers and manufacturers make when establishing an infrastructure for eCommerce fulfillment. In this week's post, we'll examine that same topic, but focus more on how marketing decisions can impact ecommerce fulfillment costs.  

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Common Mistakes in eCommerce Fulfillment

Posted by Alex Stark on April 02, 2015

As online sales grow, ecommerce fulfillment services are becoming better and more sophisticated. But etailers and manufacturers are still a long way from mastering the operational nuances of direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Until that happens, the profitability of the online channel will be compromised

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Logistics Planning Crucial to Smooth Facility Start-ups

Posted by Jim Lahey on November 19, 2013

Back in the 1980's, the San Diego Builders Association built a large home from the ground up in less than 3 hours.  At the time it set a record.  Here's the video.  

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