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As Freight Capacity Tightens, Is Reliance on the Spot Market Too Risky?

Posted by Larry Catanzaro on April 13, 2017

A funny thing happened with freight volumes during the first quarter, a notoriously slow time for for-hire trucking companies.

It wasn’t so slow.

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Topics: Supply Chain Challenges, Freight Transportation, Integrated Logistics

Improve Shipping and Distribution Services with Rail and Cross Docking

Posted by Alex Stark on January 05, 2017

“Fast and cheap.”

When it comes to shipping and distribution, the two terms don’t typically do go together.  But some wine and spirit manufacturers are using distribution models that help achieve both goals.

In a recent blog, we outlined 10 steps to streamline wine and spirits distribution.  As a follow-up, let’s dive into two strategies that can be implemented in tandem: rail transportation and cross docking. 

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Topics: Integrated Logistics