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Are You Happy (logistically speaking)?

Posted by Alex Stark on May 09, 2019

In logistics, we measure just about everything. If it moves, we measure how fast. If it sits, we measure how long. If it costs money, we measure how much.

But do we ever measure happy

Not often, if at all. And that’s too bad. Happy is an under-rated metric.

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Reflections on CX Day

Posted by Alex Stark on October 02, 2018

Today, October 2, is CX Day.

Have you ever heard of it? 

It’s actually the 6th annual celebration of customers – the group without whom none of us would have jobs.

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Meeting Retailers' On Time In Full Delivery Requirements

Posted by Alex Stark on August 10, 2017

Retail replenishment got a little trickier with the announcement, by Walmart, that the retailer is instituting stricter supplier requirements for On Time In Full (OTIF) inbound deliveries to its distribution centers. There is now a cost to non-compliance. Items that are late or missing during a one-month period will incur a fine of 3 percent of their value.

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Logistics KPIs: Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

Posted by Richard Reilly on August 07, 2013

As third party logistics (3PL) distribution center professionals, we all have logistics key performance indicators (KPIs) that are either directed by our customer or are an internal measure of success.  The goal: to keep our KPIs operating in the green.  However, there are two KPIs that I have seen consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers attempt to manipulate, and I struggle to understand the logic. 

Those KPIs are:

1.  Load Ready Time Conformance (LRTC).

2.  Customer

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There Are Logistics KPIs - Then There is Everything Else....

Posted by Steve Buckman on March 27, 2013

Over the last several years, there has been an intense focus on logistics KPI's and the development of metrics to measure 3PL effectiveness.  KPI's that are collaboratively developed and focused on clear business outcomes are a great roadmap for clients and 3PL's to understand how they are doing in meeting the objectives of the relationships.

However, clients experience the relationships on many levels - far beyond KPI's...  3PL leaders can drive improved communication

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