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Tackling the Logistics Industry Talent Gap from the Inside Out

Posted by Alex Stark on February 14, 2019

There’s a talent gap in logistics today and companies are dealing with it in different ways. 

For KANE, that’s meant placing more emphasis than ever on hiring logistics workers from within.  Recently, we caught up with KANE’s VP of Human Resources, Amy Wren, to discuss the subject.

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7 Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity – Right Now

Posted by Curtis Weaver on May 24, 2018

Warehouse productivity. Every warehousing operation on earth would like to be more productive, but too few actually invest the time to stop, retool and make it happen. Fortunately, there are relatively small things that just about every operation can perform in the here and now to boost productivity without major investments of time or money.

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2017 Supply Chain Issues: The Year’s Top Blog Posts

Posted by Alex Stark on December 21, 2017

Drone deliveries? Driver-less trucks? While these “space-age” supply chain issues piqued our readers’ interest this past year, a review of KANE’s most popular blog posts revealed that people are still most interested in, well, people

Following are quick descriptions of the top-read blog posts for 2017. Check them out. 

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Improving Warehouse Worker Retention

Posted by Alex Stark on September 14, 2017

Within the logistics industry, it is now widely known that there are not enough truck drivers to meet the transportation demands of the economy. What is less commonly known, however, is that labor pool challenges extend into other logistics arenas, particularly warehousing. In this blog post, we’ll look at warehouse worker retention and what you can do to keep your operation staffed. 

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Warehouse Labor: Talent Matters More Than Ever

Posted by Alex Stark on June 23, 2016

In a recent survey of logistics executives, we asked them to name their biggest challenge related to warehouse labor management.

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Warehouse Training for Technology Implementations

Posted by Alex Stark on April 07, 2016

Technology has an enormous impact on warehouse productivity. But, short of a complete robotic environment, it still comes down to people understanding how to use this logistics technology to do it faster, better and cheaper. That’s why warehouse training for new technology implementations is so important. Recently, we had a Q&A session with Fred Kimball, a veteran warehouse design consultant and principal at Distribution Design, about how companies should (and shouldn’t) introduce new technology on the warehouse floor.  

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You Gotta Love a Good Comeback Story

Posted by Alex Stark on March 03, 2016

I was reading an article on the turnaround of Hostess. I love a good comeback story. Being from Philadelphia originally, I’m certainly a sucker for Rocky (see the movie Creed, by the way) – the quintessential comeback movie.

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Top Articles on Warehouse Labor Management

Posted by Alex Stark on February 25, 2016

Whether you manage your own distribution centers or outsource to a 3PL, warehouse labor management is your biggest expense, after inventory. Getting the most out of your labor force is critical to maximizing productivity and profitability.

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