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Tackling the Logistics Industry Talent Gap from the Inside Out

Posted by Alex Stark on February 14, 2019

There’s a talent gap in logistics today and companies are dealing with it in different ways. 

For KANE, that’s meant placing more emphasis than ever on hiring logistics workers from within.  Recently, we caught up with KANE’s VP of Human Resources, Amy Wren, to discuss the subject.

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7 Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity – Right Now

Posted by Curtis Weaver on May 24, 2018

Warehouse productivity. Every warehousing operation on earth would like to be more productive, but too few actually invest the time to stop, retool and make it happen. Fortunately, there are relatively small things that just about every operation can perform in the here and now to boost productivity without major investments of time or money.

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Want to Reduce Warehouse Costs? Think Warehouse Labor Management

Posted by Alex Stark on December 11, 2014

For a typical warehouse, the largest operating expense is labor, which can eat up anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of the company’s warehousing budget.  Therefore, finding the right people and maintaining high productivity levels are essential to keeping labor management costs in check. 

A recent KANE-sponsored research report – Labor Management Strategies in the Warehouse – surveyed 252 top logistics and supply chain managers on this important topic.  Read the full report. Below are just a couple of the questions posed in the survey research. 

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