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Integrated warehousing and transport of candy products 

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Confectionery Warehouse and
Distribution Services

KANE has experience in the specialized logistics requirements of the confectionery industry, where any variance to temperature range requirements can lead to product quality and spoilage issues. With KANE, you gain an integrated confectionery warehouse and delivery solution to ensure cold chain integrity throughout your distribution cycle.


Why KANE for Confectionery Product Logistics?

  • Decades of experience in confectionery logistics – we know your industry and product requirements
  • We have the infrastructure you need, with climate-controlled confectionery warehouse services in every region of the country
  • FDA-compliant, food-grade facilities are always inspection-ready, with superior ratings from AIB International
  • Advanced systems enable complex lot control, traceability and management of FEFO, FIFO or any stock rotation protocol
  • Strong packaging capability (kitting, POP displays, bagging, labeling) lets you postpone final product configuration until just prior to shipment



KANE’s pool distribution program is a real competitive advantage for us.
- Director of Supply Chain, The Topps Company

Confectionery Product Spotlight

confectionery logistics


Goetze’s Candy, makers of Caramel Creams®, Cow Tales® and other confections, wanted to reduce costs and improve service for temperature-controlled deliveries from the company’s East Coast manufacturing plant to retail customers in the Midwest and Western U.S. The company was using LTL carriers and experiencing poor reliability and sub-par customer service.

KANE’s pool distribution solution provided a faster, cheaper alternative to LTL shipping, reducing costs drastically through consolidation. Goetze’s products travel with other confections in trailers that maintain a temperature between 50⁰F–60⁰F, ensuring the integrity of the cold chain.

Check your temperature

When it comes to temperature, candy products like chocolate can be temperamental.  Too hot and they can melt, too cold and they can discolor and change texture.

But how do you know if your 3PL is maintaining the warehouse environment according to your strict temp range specifications?  Well, you don’t – unless you work with an experienced operator of temp-controlled warehouses, like KANE, that maintains advanced temperature and humidity monitoring systems. If the temperature falls or rises outside the specified range, designated managers are automatically alerted to address the issue immediately.  The system can also be programmed to alert off-site customer contacts. 

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