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Contract Packaging Services

Many consumer goods companies ship product from the warehouse to outside packaging providers only to have the product return to the same warehouse.  This increases freight costs and loses visibility to the product during packaging.  KANE helps its consumer goods customers reduce costs by doing final product configuration and contract packaging services in the warehouse.  


Read our white paper on integrating packaging with distribution operations

What secondary packaging services does KANE perform?

  • EDI, eCommerce and internet transactions
  • Display design, manufacture and assembly
  • Custom pallets
  • Case gluing
  • Coupons/Rebate forms
  • Clamshell/Blister pack/Folding box
  • Bag sealing
  • Ink jet coding
  • Inserts
  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • Rework/Repack
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Test samples

The KANE-run DC is one of our flagship sites and we appreciate the staff’s focus on safety and flawless execution.

- Director of Distribution, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Benefits of Packaging with KANE

  • Speed cycle time. Co-locate warehousing and secondary packaging to eliminate touch points in your supply chain.
  • Reduce freight costs and carbon emissions. Eliminate freight costs to outside packagers.
  • Reduce labor. At KANE’s large, multi-client operations, we shift resources among customers to economically handle unplanned volume spikes.
  • Cut capital costs. KANE has invested in cartoners, checkweighers, shrink wrapping machines, and other equipment to meet your simple and complex secondary packaging needs.
  • Increase visibility. Track inventory throughout the packaging process.

Packaging Spotlight



As part of its “Network of the Future” strategy Kimberly-Clark Corp (K-C) consolidated packaging and distribution in ten mega-distribution centers (DCs) around the U.S. and Canada. KANE runs one of KC’s largest DCs and provides packaging, warehousing and distribution services inside the DC. The idea is to move packaging operations closer to the customer, thereby postponing order fulfillment as long as possible and improving forecast accuracy by finalizing packaging closer to the ship date.

The “Network of the Future” strategy has yielded the following improvements:

  • Reduced packaging and distribution costs. Combining warehousing and packaging operations enables shared, flexible labor resources.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs. 80 U.S. warehouses have been consolidated into 25.
  • Faster cycle time. Product orders are arriving at customers 85% of the time in one day or less, compared to 60% under K-C’s previous operations approach.

Procter & Gamble

When Procter & Gamble integrated packaging into its distribution operation, the company cut costs by 10% at its Northeast paper DC. Formerly, a contract packager operated a separate packaging operation within P&G’s DC. But the company turned the packaging function over to KANE, which ran its DC and transportation operation at the time.

By sharing resources across functions, KANE was able to perform both packaging and distribution with improved quality, while using fewer people and at a substantial savings.

One Facility for Distribution and Final Packaging

KANE provides the full breadth of packaging services, from design to completion.  Here you see how KANE merges logistics and packaging disciplines into one integrated solution, in a single facility, to customize and distribute products to retail customers.


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