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Integrated Logistics Services

KANE provides integrated logistics services for the entire retail supply chain. KANE systems are linked to create a seamless provision of services and complete visibility to inventory at rest and in motion.

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Distribution and Fulfillment

Management of dedicated or multi-client distribution centers, including eCommerce fulfillment centers.
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Transportation Solutions

Extensive coverage of the Northeast market, as well as nationwide services for both truckload and less-than-truckload orders.
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Contract Packaging

Customization of product and packaging to the precise needs of your customer.
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Cross Docking

Breaking down received items at the loading dock and matching them with pending orders for immediate shipment.
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Manufacturing Logistics

Management of supplier inventory to create efficient inbound flow to manufacturing.
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Workforce Management

Management of distribution center functions on an outsourced basis - facility design, pick/pack/ship, customer service, and systems.

integrated logistics solutionsIntegrating Contract Packaging into Logistics Operations

Learn how you can reduce combined distribution, packaging and transportation costs by 30%, and cut at least 7 days in order-to-delivery cycle time.

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