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Los Angeles Warehouse Services

KANE’s SoCal Warehouse 

KANE operates a large West Coast multi-client distribution center in Rialto, CA, located within California’s Inland Empire region.  This is an area just outside Los Angeles that not long ago was dotted by barns and citrus groves, but now boasts 1.1 billion square feet of SoCal warehouse space. And it’s growing. 

Los Angeles Warehouse Services

More and more companies are seeking a Los Angeles warehouse location outside city limits because of the substantial cost savings and still-close proximity to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  

KANE’s SoCal warehouse is a food-grade facility that supports the needs of multiple customers for distribution services. A variable-cost pricing model means you pay only for the space and services you need. Other key features of the location include:
  • Large, fenced/secured lot with 84 trailer spots
  • Located less than two miles from the Union Pacific railroad intermodal ramp
  • Integrated warehousing, packaging, and transportation solutions
  • Full complement of value-added services including cross docking, deconsolidation, and contract packaging
  • Easy on/off highway access
  • Immediate occupancy
KANE can support expansion of your distribution network to the Western region. To learn more about KANE’s SoCal warehouse and distribution services, fill out the form on this page.