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Midwest Warehouse and Logistics


KANE runs several distribution centers in the Midwest region, including a Chicago warehouse and distribution locations in Detroit and Indiana.  Additional expansion is planned.

We have also grown KANE’s truck fleet to meet customer transportation needs in the Detroit area. 

KANE can support expansion of your distribution network to the Midwest region.  Contact us for more details about your Chicago warehouse or Midwest logistics needs.

Advantages of distribution with KANE include:

  • Food-grade storage, with a "superior" rating from the AIB International

  • LTL freight consolidation services

  • Rail access 

  • Easy on/off highway access

  • Integrated warehousing, packaging and transportation solution

  • Variable cost model - pay only for the space and services you need

  • Immediate occupancy


Flexible dedicated and shared warehousing solutions

We operate close to 8 million square feet of warehousing distribution space, with facilities in every region of the U.S. 



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