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Northeast Distribution Campus

northeast distribution

Our Northeast footprint is growing! KANE has added a large, multi-client distribution center in Allentown, PA to serve this growing distribution market. Our large, multi-site campus in Scranton, Pennsylvania is strategically located at the hub of one of the finest interstate highway networks in the country. 

Reasons to Choose KANE’s Scranton, Pennsylvania, Campus for Northeast Distribution:

  • One-day delivery to 80 million consumers.  KANE’s Scranton, PA, campus is served by five interstates, including I-81, I-80 and I-84, providing delivery, in six hours or less, to Portland, ME, Washington, DC, Toronto, Canada, Pittsburgh, PA - and everywhere in between.
  • Load consolidation for reduced freight costs.  KANE is the industry leader in collaborative distribution.  We bring together middle-market consumer goods manufacturers to share warehouse and truck space to save as much as 35% on distribution costs.
  • Rail access.  Customers cut inbound freight costs by shipping to KANE on Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific, both Class 1 railroads (freight comes to KANE via short line – Reading & Northern Railroad).  An intermodal ramp is located less than one-half mile from KANE’s PA warehouse campus.
  • Food-grade storage.  All campus facilities are temperature and humidity-controlled for FDA-compliant, food grade storage.   KANE’s TL fleet includes refrigerated trailers.
  • Integrated warehousing, packaging and transportation solution.  Having one 3PL provider for storage, contract packaging and delivery means fewer touch points, shorter cycle times and clear accountability.
  • Variable costs.  Pay only for the space and services you need.  Perfect for economically managing seasonal volume spikes.
  • Scalable for future expansion.  With multiple facilities at our Scranton, PA, warehouse campus and 8 million square feet in total across all regions of the U.S., KANE can support your short-term and long-term growth.
  • Available space.  Immediate occupancy.

Flexible dedicated and shared warehousing solutions

We operate close to 8 million square feet of warehousing distribution space, with facilities in every region of the U.S. 

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