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Scranton Warehousing and Distribution

Scranton Warehousing: Your Flexible Solution to Northeast Distribution

At its headquarters location, KANE operates a large logistics campus that includes six multi-client Scranton distribution centers totaling more than 2 million sq. ft. of racked or bulk storage space. Our Scranton warehousing campus also houses the main terminal for KANE’s large truckload fleet, which complements our integrated warehousing and distribution services.

Advantages of our Scranton Distribution Center services

  • Excellent location – Northeast PA is served by five Interstates, which provide optimal access to almost every destination in this major market area
    • Within six hours or less to Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Portland, Cleveland, New Jersey, New York State, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Richmond
    • Within nine hours or less to Norfolk, Detroit and Cincinnati
  • Significantly lower operating costs versus other cities in the region based on a study by Wadley Donovan
    • A Northeast Pennsylvania 3PL offers an annual savings of $3 million over a 3PL located at a Harrisburg location, $5.2 million versus a Middletown, NY site, and almost $7.2 million versus a Central New Jersey location
  • Strong and available labor pool
  • One-day delivery to over 80 million consumers

Key Features of KANE’s Scranton Warehousing Solutions:

  • Variable cost pricing to accommodate seasonal volume shifts
  • 2 million+ square feet of temperature-controlled, food grade facilities with superior ratings from the AIB International (formerly the American Institute of Baking).
  • Manhattan Associates WMS and Lean Logistics TMS
  • LTL consolidation services
  • Easy on/off highway access
  • Local transportation assets to provide an integrated storage and delivery solutions
  • 100+ acres of paved truck courts with 1000+ trailer spots in fenced, secure yards
  • Direct rail access (Reading and Northern Railroad) with 28 rail doors enabling lower-cost, lower-carbon freight service
  • Easy on/off highway access
To learn more about KANE’s Scranton distribution center and warehousing services, simply fill out the form on this page.