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Supply Chain Videos


In this video, KANE associates discuss the customer service philosophy at Kane Is Able, embodied in what the company calls the KANE Code.

Logistics At the Speed of Life

This KANE video shows how KANE people work behind the scenes to help consumer brands fulfill their ultimate goal – happy end customers.


Did you know that Atlanta has 55 streets named "Peachtree." Learn this and other facts about Atlanta in this short video.

Inland Empire Distribution

Did you know that the Inland Empire region of Southern California has more than 1 billion square feet of warehousing space? Learn this and other facts about the Inland Empire in this short video.

Scranton Distribution

Did you know that Scranton is the lowest cost market to operate a distribution center in Southern NY/NJ/Eastern PA? Learn this and other facts about Scranton in this short video.

Allentown Distribution

Did you know that the Liberty Bell was hidden in an Allentown, PA church during the Revolutionary War? Learn this and other facts about Allentown in this short video.

Interested in driving for KANE?

Check out this video featuring KANE drivers talking about what it's like to drive for the company.

Follow KANE Driver Randy Korb on a Typical Day of Driving

Ever wonder what it's like to drive for KANE? Follow one driver's day to day experience to find out. 

Retail Consolidation Explained

Check out this short video primer on how KANE can work with retailers and suppliers to consolidate purchase orders and turn multiple LTL shipments from different suppliers into a single, lower-cost truckload delivery.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Distribution Strategy Explained

Check out this 2-minute video on the benefits of collaborative distribution, which can reduce distribution costs for CPG products by as much as 35%.

The Benefits of Collaborative Distribution

This 3-minute video was featured at a recent Supply Chain of the Future exhibit. It reviews the advantages of collaborative distribution and who could benefit from this strategy.

eCommerce Fulfillment

This short video reviews how KANE’s eCommerce fulfillment solution can reduce your costs and speed time to market for online orders.

Dedicated Warehouse Management

KANE's dedicated contract warehousing service provides site selection, warehouse design, hiring and labor management and day to day operation in every region of the U.S.