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Technology-Enabled Supply Chain

KANE invests in advanced information systems so you don’t have to. All systems are web-enabled to support internet transactions and enable remote visibility to your data. Our in-house MIS team works 24/7 to support your needs.

Data Flow & Visibility

Data Flow & Visibility

Supports all common electronic data interchange (EDI) formats for fast, easy data exchange.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

RF-enabled to maximize accuracy and labor efficiency.

Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Full-featured and tightly integrated with WMS.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management System

Tier one system from JDA (Red Prairie) allows us to actively monitor productivity.

Inwp--integrating-contract-packagingtegrating Contract Packaging into Logistics Operations

Learn how you can reduce combined distribution, packaging and transportation costs by 30%, and cut at least 7 days in order-to-delivery cycle time.

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