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Transportation Solutions

Transportation Management

Dozens of consumer product companies rely on KANE’s transportation team for nationwide freight transportation management. Distribution of consumer products is our core focus and we understand the industry’s special transportation requirements, such as high-volume promotion support, routing guide compliance and direct-to-store deliveries.

KANE’s asset-based truckload service is focused on retail deliveries from KANE-operated distribution centers, while our brokerage service routinely manages deliveries throughout the lower 48 states and Southeastern Canada.

 Transportation Services 
  • Retail consolidation. KANE can reduce last-mile delivery costs up to 35% by coloading freight from multiple companies that ship products to the same retail customers. 
  • Pool distribution. KANE’s solution offers a cheaper, faster alternative to LTL for shipments from the Northeast to other U.S. regions. By consolidating long-distance LTL shipments, we save small and mid-market companies 25%–35% on long-haul freight moves.

  • Dedicated contract carriage. By committing assets to your business on a custom basis, KANE gives you the advantages of a private fleet – reliable service and guaranteed capacity – without the cost and headaches of fleet purchase, fleet management and driver hiring and retention.

  • Regional trucking. KANE provides a for-hire fleet, at a fixed tariff, for runs within 150 miles of a KANE multi-client distribution center. The service focuses on high-turn freight moves for companies requiring high service capabilities, such as hitting tight delivery windows.

  • Direct to store deliveries.  KANE makes regular deliveries to retail DCs and store locations. Through frequent driver interaction, we understand how retail customers like to receive products.