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Distribution and Fulfillment Services

Distribution and Fulfillment Services

KANE operates 25 dedicated and multi-client/shared distribution centers throughout the U.S. (8 million sq. ft.). Our dedicated operations are highly customized to the precise needs of those customers. Our shared warehouse network co-locates products from many different consumer product companies.

Distribution and fulfillment center services

  • Shared warehousing. KANE’s solution creates a shared distribution infrastructure where like companies can share warehouse and trailer space to reduce the cost and energy use associated with product distribution. 

  • Workforce management. KANE’s innovative management practices help consumer product companies and their retail customers drive down their direct and indirect labor costs.  It's about recruiting, training and incenting the people required to operate high-performance logistics operations.   

  • Pick-Pack services and eCommerce fulfillment. KANE’s pick-pack fulfillment center services have used a range of warehouse automation options, including pick carousels and pick-to-light systems. We are integrated with UPS, FedEx and all major third party shipping systems for pick and pack services and fulfillment warehousing.

  • Inventory management. Whatever pick-pack services you require, our tier one warehouse management system adapts to your requirements for product rotation, lot control, product hold/recall, and cycle counts.  For fast answers on order status or inventory levels, we offer secure access to your data via the Internet.

Rapid growth in fulfillment warehousing

KANE's fulfullment business has grown commensurate with the rising tide of eCommerce sales in the U.S. We are a multi-channel product distribution partner that can fulfill orders from all your sales channels.  Here are just a few of our many fulfillment customers.

  • For the fast-growing nutrition company, Nutrabolt, KANE operates from two fulfillment centers in Atlanta and Salt Lake City and distributes to retail chains, distributors and consumers -- a true multi-channel soluion.
  • For Brand Passport, we pick and ship Daelmans waffles and other products to both retailers and consumers.
  • For Divine Chocolate, we do fulfillment warehousing and multi-channel distribution of chocolate bars and other chocolate products. This is a fascinating company owned by a cooperative of farmers in Ghana, Africa.