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CPG Logistics White Papers

The Purchasing-Logistics Disconnect:

How silo structures are costing retailers millions in supply chain costs

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Look Who’s Riding the Rails

Look Who's Riding the Rails

Consumer goods companies have historically avoided use of intermodal rail for product distribution due to a variety of reasons, including slower service, indirect routes, and the need to increase inventory levels.

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Packaging and the Streamlined Supply Chain

Product packaging has always been the realm of marketing departments. But often decisions made early in the packaging design process result in massive inefficiencies downstream during product distribution.

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New Report: Key Supply Chain Challenges of Mid-Sized CPG Companies.

Survey of 110 CPG logistics executives explores supplier/retailer relationships

Research Report

Retailers have moved to more of a just-in-time replenishment strategy in response to a soft economy.

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Managing Logistics Outsourcing Relationships through Embedded 3PLs

Current models for managing outsourced logistics relationships limit the ability of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to drive the innovation that their customers crave.

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Collaborative Distribution

How CPG manufacturers and retailers can save millions and embrace the green revolution

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Integrate Packaging with Distribution Operations

CPG companies can streamline their supply chains by integrating final packaging into existing distribution operations and entrusting the function to the logistics professionals who manage warehousing and transportation.

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Logistics for Mid-Sized CPG Companies

Mid-sized CPG companies lack the resources, systems capabilities and freight volumes larger competitors use to drive continuous cost and service improvements.

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Logistics Support for Trade Promotions

Trade promotions, a marketing staple of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, are a big, messy management challenge.

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